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Pilion, the mountain of Centaurs, was the choice of the twelve gods of Olympus to be their summer residence.

Today thousands of tourists choose this place as their holiday destination all year round.

The mountain becomes a synonym for relaxation and amusement. All forms of alternative tourism are offered: horse-riding excursions, mountain cycling excursions, hiking, mountaineering, diving, sailing and fishing.

The mountain of Centaurs is beautiful and fascinating all year round. Here the visitor will taste all the famous conserve sweets, he will try splendid fruit like apples, pears and cherries, and he will be enchanted by the gardenia`s aroma.

The villages of Pilion look like ornament in the slopes of the mountain because of their unique architecture. They are built in a densely wooded area which is verdurous including diverse flora, with pure waters gushing from everywhere. Access in the villages of Pilion is easy via the good road network, as well as through cobbled paths, which are a real enjoyment for the lovers of hiking. Luxurious hostels and rented rooms including all facilities are ideal for unforgettable days.

The Ski Resort of Pilion becomes the meeting place snowy holidays , a few kilometres far away from the Aegean sea and Pagasitikos bay.

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